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Player Ratings: Utah Royals 0, Reign FC 2

Nobody played well in the loss, but who played better than others?

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart: 6.5 - Barnhart was not at fault for either goal that was scored on her, but two goals against isn’t great. She did keep the Reign from scoring other goals though.

Sydney Miramontez: 3.5 - Miramontez was at fault for the first goal. She turned the ball over and jogged back. She should’ve been covering the player who had the assist. She could’ve marked the player on the second goal as well, but she wasn’t the only one who didn’t mark well on that one.

Gaby Vincent: 4.5 - Nobody on the defense had a strong game. Vincent also had a chance to mark up on the second goal but didn’t.

Sam Johnson: 5 - In the final game of her career, Johnson didn’t play awful, but she didn’t play well. She had a few good tackles. We wish her luck in her future endeavors.

Becca Moros: 4.5 - Moros misread the ball that led to the second goal. After it went over her head, instead of keeping pressure on the Reign player, she backed off and jogged back.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 5- LaBonta didn’t stand out positively or negatively during the game.

Mandy Laddish: 5 - Laddish fought for the ball and had a couple of great passes but couldn’t help the Royals get much done.

Gunny Jónsdóttir: 5.5 - Jónsdóttir will always give her best and fight for every ball. She did so once again but couldn’t make a difference.

Erika Tymrak: 5 - Tymrak had a quiet game. Normally when she plays, she parks the offense, but she couldn’t this time.

Amy Rodriguez: 5 - Rodriguez had a quiet game, though it wasn’t her fault. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get the service she needed to make the Reign pay.

Mallory Weber: 5.5 - Weber looked the most dangerous out of the whole team. She had multiple runs where she got the ball into a good spot for a scoring chance but couldn't convert or get the right angle on the cross.


Katie Stengel: 5 - Stengel continued her strangely quiet 2019 season with a goalless substitution. She didn’t play bad but couldn’t spark the offense.

Makenzy Doniak: 5 - Doniak helped the offense a little bit but couldn’t turn the tide of the game.

Raisa Strom-Okimoto: 5 - Strom-Okimoto looked solid in her first game seeing real playing time.