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URFC Show: (62) Eat a Sock

It’s Episode 62 of the Utah Royals FC Show.

Lucas Muller

Lots of news to talk about. It’s officially June, which means that there’s a lot of awesome Prideraisers going around. The Court supporters group has an awesome one where you can donate X amount of money for each goal scored this month, and that money will go towards a great cause with the Transgender Education Advocates of Utah. Additionally, through Playing for Pride, players can choose to donate money to Athlete Ally for each appearance, goal, assist, clean sheet etc. Currently, Utah Royals FC players are killing the donation list where with sixteen NWSL players currently playing for pride, nine of them represent Utah gold.

In other news, we also have a radio broadcast, featuring friends of the show Carla Swensen-Haslam and Landon Southwick, which is a positive step forward. Royals FC have also signed Alexa Newfield and Melissa Lowder as national team replacement players. There was also a game, and a frustrating one at that, we’ll chat about that too.

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