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Utah Royals FC takes a 1-0 loss vs. Sky Blue FC

URFC loses in stoppage time in New Jersey.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Utah Royals FC played last place Sky Blue tonight. Last time these teams met, Utah won 1-0, but that match was at home and not following Sky Blue FC’s first win this season. Last week, Utah had a bye week, but meanwhile, Sky Blue got a 2-1 win over the Chicago Red Stars. This would be Utah’s first match following the return of international players Desiree Scott, Katie Bowen and Rachel Corsie. All of these players started in this match.

Sky Blue came out swinging in this one, getting three shots in just the first seven minutes and dominating early despite Utah doing a good job at keeping the ball. Sky Blue was dangerous when they got the ball. In just the 10th minute, Sky Blue had their fourth shot go just wide into the side netting.

After the 15th minute, Utah was able to get a few decent looks but was unable to capitalize. The game was pretty back and forth from there until the 28th minute where Amy Rodriguez had an incredible breakaway where she hit the ball of the post, and Gunny Jonsdottir was unable to capitalize off the rebound.

Utah got a few good looks in the last few moments of the first half, but regardless, this one went into half-time scoreless from both sides. Utah did dominate possession in the first half by 62 to 38 percent, but other than that, the first half was incredibly back and forth from both sides. Both teams had their looks, with each team having taken 7 shots in the first 45.

Coming out of the half, things remained very back and forth from these teams, though Sky Blue quickly got a few shots. The second half started similarly to the first with Sky Blue quick on the attack.

Sky Blue had a great look in the 53’ that was cleared by Corsie. Sky Blue had another great shot in the 59’ that went right into the arms of Nicole Barnhart. For the beginning of the second half, Sky Blue was getting a lot of shots and was the better team.

Sky Blue made their first sub in the 86’ bringing on Jennifer Hoy for Elizabeth Eddy. Shortly after, Utah made their first sub of the game in the 68th minute bringing off Mandy Laddish for Katie Stengel.

In the 77’, Sky Blue’s Sabrina Flores was shown yellow, and in return, Utah got a free kick that they swung into the 18-yard-box but were unable to do much with it.

Sky Blue broke away on the counterattack from Utah’s free kick and once again shot the ball into the side netting, keeping the scoreline 0-0. Just as it looked like this one would end in a 0-0, Jen Hoy was able to get a shot in the box. With enough space and past Corsie, Hoy delivered the game-winner.

For the second game in the row, Utah Royals FC added another one to the loss column, making it the fourth of the season.