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URFC Show (68) : We don’t want to be negative. Not a Sky Blue, a dark, sad, deflated and disappointed blue.

The OG trio of Cindy, Ryan and Wirtjo return for the 68th edition of the Utah Royals FC Show

Lucas Muller

Let’s start if off with a championship!!! URFC Reserves won the central region of the Women’s Premier Soccer League after beating Fortuna Tulsa 2-1.

In terms of the game against Sky Blue, we don’t want to be critical because we love this club, but it’s time. The last few games have been dismal, traveling to New Jersey was a lack of energy, a lack of creativity, and no motor. Even with USWNT players gone and other NT players missing, the World Cup stretch should have been better. This roster has every capability to be better. We know that you feel largely the same way, so the majority of this podcast is spent dissecting, you, the listeners thoughts.

Here’s some of what you said.

“This team has scored one goal in the last 450 minutes of play. They haven’t scored in the last 344 minutes. I don’t know what else there is to say about that.”

“1. UR plays with no urgency or drive and are the least entertaining to watch 2. Laura needs to be asked why she hasn’t unloaded some players and brought in new ones to fit their need during the off season? 3. COUPLE PEOPLE ASKED THIS ONE - Why is Maemone being benched? 4. Maybe a style change to fit personnel.”

“1. Lack of speed up top to compliment A-rod. 2. Really really miss Vero directing. 3. How do we SELLOUT and pack the riot on July 27 for our only ESPN game?”

“everyone I talked to about this said the same thing; THEYRE NOT TRYING. They don’t look like they even care. It seems like they’ve lost all passion and drive. They don’t go after the ball. Once they lose it, they let it go. There’s no fight. It breaks my heart.”

We’ll address all these and more. As always, thanks for tuning into the URFC Show.