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Soapbox Oracle - 7/29/19

Yoursangoma runs away with the win!

Only 18 games this week, and average player score was still less than a point per match. There is one bonus game this week (MLS All Star Game) that makes 17 games, plus the bonus for this week! The tiebreaker / bonus is also included again, everyone but one person (myself) drastically under-guessed the total number of goals; so everyone may want to re-consult their particular method of prediction for that one.

Midweek bonus game has been carried over from last week, so as always if you wish to keep your previous picks feel free to leave them blank.

Here’s this week’s stats:

ORACLE OF THE WEEK: Yoursangoma with 24 points!

  • Participation: 11 - plus three carryovers from last week.
  • Game with most points earned: Toronto FC vs FC Cincinnati awarded a total of 19 points.
  • Game with least points earned: NWSL’s Reign FC losing at home to Chicago Red Stars had only 2 points given out to the one player with goal/result combo!
  • Bonus/Tiebreaker: 56 goals scored, no bonus points given.

Here’s the full scoring spreadsheet, and the survey for next week, which is also at the bottom of this page for some viewers!

Soapbox Oracle Standings

Name Total
Name Total
Zzyzx 83
Tanner WM 62
Stu Pedasol 57
Cmart15 56
Randal 53
Miles Dunn 51
Brandon Wilde 51
Crooks 46
David Ochoa 46
Kurt 44
D_Ash5 42
Joseph Hutchison 41
Dave Cheever 39
Ryan S 37
Pup 33
Frisky Niblet 33
Mr. Pepper 29
Since1996 28
Matthew Haycock 22
I have no idea what I’m supposed to put here. Total of zero? Not sure what it means, but I’ll go with it! 22
KAsay 21
Jared Nethery 13