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RSL vs SKC: What we learned

A Baird brace and some bruises

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Sporting Kansas City Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t much that’s better than taking down SKC. How about taking down SKC twice? It’s almost sad to see what Sporting are this season. Almost, but, you know, not at all sad. Great, really.

Three needed points on the road against our rival who plays in the Western Conference. An excellent win.

A Brace for Baird

Last year’s Rookie of the Year. Has there been a sophomore slump this season? The numbers point to it, but I just don’t quite feel it. I think he’s been solid all season, despite a dearth of goals. The way he and Savarino play both ends of the field make this team much stronger. When our wide forwards and outside backs overlap in attack and defense, we really click.

Tonight Baird knocked in two. As strikers go, these are the kinds of goals that launch a streak of fiery form; let’s hope that’s the case with Baird.


On that note, now is a perfect time for RSL to find their form. We’re clicking. The guys are pulling their weight.

You would have laughed at me last season if I told you we’d have three in-form center backs pushing each other for starts (and a Holt peering in with eager eyes). Our coaching staff is having to make strong determinations about the best center back pairing due to them all playing so well, opposed to them all being injured, out of form, etc. Remember when we were looking at our sixth-string center back? Who do we play? That’s not our current problem and it’s nice.

It’s been a trying few weeks for supporters, but the team is playing strong on the pitch. That goes a long way in our healing process. We all have our individual takes, but we’re not the ones who make the decision right now. Don’t forget that The Team is the Star. Whatever your personal feelings, winning helps take the sting away from the divisiveness, both inside the locker room and out here in the faniverse. Well done, RSL.


I’m pretty sure that Nick Besler got a yellow card for saying “Mom loves me more!” to Matt and the ref decided it was over the line.

I was worried that Vermes was going to pop while talking to Tyrone Marshall after the match.

That’s one crowded Western Conference.