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RSL vs Seattle Sounders: What we learned

It doesn’t get much better

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

This team is putting together complete performance after complete performance. The way everyone is coming together is spectacular. We played one great game of leapfrog tonight to jump up in the standings.

Eating their Non-Branded, Toasted, Wheat-Based Cereal

Having a healthy group is key to this run of form. Everyone is running, everyone is healthy, and they’re all clicking. The synergy displayed on the pitch has been fun to watch. Each person is leaving it all out there on both sides of the ball.

I mentioned a couple of matches ago that this team winning is going to be one of the key pieces to our healing process. They’re not disappointing.

In the end, this game is about entertainment. It’s for the spectators, for the fans, for the supporters, for the community. While some things might strain and stretch our continuity, in the end we come together in support of this game that keeps us happy, captivated, and cheering.

The Seattle players should put better nutrients in their bodies. Especially Torres. Too soon?

Who’s it going to be?

It’s hard to focus on any one person, and that’s a great thing. A few thoughts.

Albert Rusnák isn’t letting Sam Johnson run away as the team’s top scorer.

Justen Glad’s having a killer season. Surely on the list of most underrated center backs in MLS. The back line is playing with great unity, despite who’s out there, but I think Justen’s our guy.

But Glad can’t do what he does without Silva and Onuoha. They make Glad better and he compliments them magnificently.

Corey Baird is hitting his stride at the perfect time this season.


Did that pink smoke ever dissipate or will it still be around on Saturday?

Speaking of Saturday, we’re making up some ground on LAFC! Kind of. Not really, though. Those would be some sweet points, though.

How about a Tooele joke? Okay. The Western Conference is as congested as westbound I-80 at exit 99!

I love when coaches & players call soccer football; thanks Tyrone Marshall. Makes me happy. Let’s face it, American football is just a lot of commercials with a few seconds of people running into each other (and cue the “soccer is just a bunch of floppers!” crowd).

Speaking of Tyrone Marshall, who the hell is this guy?