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RSL vs LAFC: What we learned

A rickety roller coaster

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Not a smooth roller coaster, but one of those rickety ones that leaves you wondering if it’s going to jump off the rails and gives you a week of neck pain.

If we’re going to lose, it might as well be against the best team in the league. They are. No doubt about it.

There were a couple of ups where I thought we might just pull something out of this. Then Carlos Vela. Who else? Best player in the league right now.

It still stings.

What’s next?

Hopefully not a loss of form. That’s the single most important thing. Push this game aside. Let it go. Doesn’t matter. Let LAFC have their points; we need to take all we can from our next matches.

They’ll be tough. Colorado have nothing to lose. Then it’s Portland in their remodeled digs where I found out you can ride an exercise bike and watch soccer! San Jose, Minnesota, New England, then LA Galaxy. We round it out with Houston and Vancouver, which are struggling teams and might just be the points we need to claw into the playoffs. Hopefully we’re well there by then.

Only eight more regular season matches. ☹️


I’m impressed so far. I’m still unsure if he has what it takes to go up against the likes of Almeyda, Arena, or Savarese. Bradley did us in. We’ve got those three strong coaches coming up.

But where do the next great coaches in this league come from? Within? Without? Both? The best are being hired from without, but there’s got to be some major talent in the ranks right now. On the pitch, coaching academies, assisting.

Is Juarez our guy? Is he the next Kreis for RSL? The next coach who implements a system that terrifies the rest of the league? Can he bring in some hardware?

It would be stellar if he is. Now we watch.


I hate when exciting games wind up out of our favor. I enjoyed that match overall, even though we lost and I shouted a bunch. I am now saddled with guilt.

LAFC are in the playoffs. Already. Damn.

I can’t stop thinking about the dude I saw at a stop sign today who was digging into his nose with more gusto than I’ve ever seen (and I taught 6th graders!). His whole arm was pumping and his head was lolling about. It was impressive and I had to share.