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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 0, Washington Spirit 0

In a game that ended scoreless, who stood out?

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart: 8.5 - Barnhart played really well, saving multiple shot from Washington to keep the game scoreless.

Mallory Weber: 6 - Weber didn’t play as well against the Spirit as she has in recent games, but she still played fairly well.

Becky Sauerbrunn: 7 - Sauerbrunn stood tall against a Washington offense that attacked often. She helped keep the clean sheet.

Rachel Corsie: 7 - Corsie also did well to keep Washington off the board. She played well and had a solid shift on defense.

Katie Bowen: 6 - Bowen didn’t really stand out but helped keep the opposition form scoring.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 7- LaBonta unfortunately couldn’t get the offense going like she has the past few games, but she had a solid night.

Desiree Scott: 6.5 - Scott played well and helped the defense against a powerful attack.

Vero Boquete: 6 - Boquete also couldn’t get the attack going. She was pretty quiet in the night.

Gunny Jonsdottir: 5 - For some weird reason, Jonsdottir hasn’t played well when she has started this year, but she has played well off the bench. Harvey started her this match, and she didn’t do great.

Christen Press: 6.5 - It’s not often when Press has a quiet night, but for the most part, she did against Washington. We did get to see a rare yellow card to her.

Amy Rodriguez: 5 - Rodriguez was dangerous. She had multiple chances, one of them was 1v1 against the keeper, and she skied it. If she had scored that shot, her rating would be different.

Weather: 1 - There was a weather delay 90 seconds in which likely affected the match.


Katie Stengel: N/A - Sengel was put in too late to impact the game too much.