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RSL vs Colorado Rapids: What we learned

It’s OUR Rocky Mountain Cup

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado brought their A game tonight. I haven’t seen them play this well in a long time. They hit us especially hard for the first ten minutes. They didn’t let up much.

Springing Back

After our loss to the strongest team in MLS, we came back and fought to the end. It would have been easy to just let this one peter out into shared points on a 0-0 draw.

Not tonight. Two stoppage time goals after the heartbreak of a returned goal call. That Rocky Mountain Cup is ours. Again. Like always (except those two times).

There was some incredible heart from RSL to hold a clean sheet and earn three points at home. Colorado is definitely a team that we need to take points from this season. We’re poised at the top.

What’s next?

Despite some sloppy passing, rough spots, and a team playing strong, we got our three points. This is the chemistry the team needs pushing toward the playoffs. Our destiny sits firmly in our own hands.

The trust shown Joao Plata by the rest of the team is huge. If he’s going to find a killer run of form, now is the time for that to happen. He showed a lot of heart out there and played better than we’ve seen from him in some time. It felt like some old Plata.

And how about those Rimando saves? How did that ball not go in? Incredible.

Still a fight

We still have a fight ahead of us, but things are looking sparkly and nice. We’re never coming close to LAFC, but we can hold this higher position and earn a stronger position in the playoffs. It’s worth playing for. It’s worth fighting for. We have the instinct to make a solid run.


It’s the end of an era as Rimando and Howard saw what should be their last MLS matchup. It’ll feel right on par as the 2009 team comes back into town. I’m finding myself struck by this change. I’ll soon be older than even the oldest players on RSL. It’s an odd feeling.

I miss Tony Beltran. I’m starting to feel that we’ll never see Tony out there again, especially with how strong a player Aaron Herrera is developing into. I hope Tony can find a place to continue with this organization. He’s a sharp soccer brain.

I’m starting to get used to winning again! Remember when we won a bunch? We’re doing that again.