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RSL vs NYCFC: What we learned

Don’t mind my dust.

MLS: New York City FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

♪I’m back where I belong. I’ve been gone way too long and I’m back where I belong♪

I’ve been absent since February, but I just couldn’t stay away. I’ve been overreacting to myself for too long. I also heard something happened a bit ago with some tigers. I’m sure we’ll heal and come out the other side.


We played the first five minutes of this thing asleep. Maybe it was the power outage tricking players (yeah, Everton, we’re looking at you!) into thinking it was later in the evening? That must be it.

But we woke up and played an excellent match. Our goals lately have all been really pretty lately! Own Goal is, I think, the top scorer in the league tonight, but we didn’t need his help here. We dropped three beauties during the run of play and earned each of them with persistence and determination.

Our Push

This is exactly the result we need at home. Like last week, a draw on the road is something to nod at: a point, away, on another’s turf. We cannot, however, afford any draws at home. A loss at home might just be those three points that keep us out of the playoffs. All of the points we can rake in at home are what will keep our hopes for this season alive.

We also added two positives to our goal differential against one of the strongest teams in the league. More like this and we should be in a good place going into the playoffs.

Over the past few years we’ve put ourselves into rough positions where our playoff hopes hinge on what other teams do. Hopefully we can keep this all in our own wheelhouse and control our own playoff push—prove that we deserve to be there.


I found this great video of Alexander Ring.

Remember how Plata earned his starting spot those years ago? As a firecracker off the bench? He showed that again tonight. I like it.

There were some officiating issues.