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RSL vs San Jose: What we learned

Whoot there it is (we all need to start saying this again)

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Real Salt Lake Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Everything across the Western Conference dropped our way tonight. It wasn’t a sexy night for RSL, but against San Jose did anyone really expect it to be? They’re a solid team who’ve turned everything we thought about the Quakes around. And we took the full three points.


Keep pushing. Keep hitting. Keep defending. Bounce back into second place. This was a whole team win.

On that note, when Albert Rusnák isn’t on the pitch, we just don’t look our hottest. Without him and Savarino? Even worse. I was worried when this thing started. It began ugly. Savarino was an injection of skill and pep.

We stood tall and watched for chances. We closed down Wondo. Kreilach didn’t let frustration get the best of him.

Here we go

This is a huge win that sets us up as one of the strongest teams in the Western Conference. The jury’s still out, I’d say, whether or not RSL is an elite team or just in a good run of form. I tell my students that there’s no such thing as luck, only macro statistics. Is this just the statistical curve evening out or are we truly playing this well? We’ll see.


With Douglas Martínez making his RSL debut, the real question we all have is simple. I know everyone is wondering: What ever happened to Doug E. Doug?

Remember when Zlatan said making the playoffs was really easy? We can help make that not happen. I hope everyone is joining me in hoping he never makes the playoffs during his MLS stint.