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RSL vs Minnesota: What we learned

A gift of giveaways

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports

The way I feel right now is a good thing. I’m frustrated and annoyed with that loss. It’s been some years since I felt like we were a team that didn’t deserve losses, but tonight I feel it. We should have done better. We’re a better team than that scoreline. It hurts again to lose and I like that hurt.

Gift wrapping

The way we’ve turned the ball over in recent matches is alarming. Just when our possession is starting to look beautiful, we put a bow on the ball and gift it to the opposition. It’s painful, and teams are making us feel the pain.

We’re still a good team and the only way we’re not in the playoffs is if we hand our spot away.

I still can’t call it

Every time I start to think I might be able make my decision about the elite status of this team and the capabilities of Freddy Juarez, we get hit like we did tonight. We come out and show that we’re unable to adjust in a way that garners points.

RSL is a good team, possibly a great team. My question now really rides on Juarez. Can he show that he has the chops to take these reins full time, or is there someone else out there who can push this team from good to great to elite? I’m still unsure. I really want him to earn that job, but I also want RSL to win a whole lot.


Are stores stocking holiday wrapping paper yet? If we can’t find a way to stop giving the ball away, we’re going to run out of gift wrap really soon.

I think Onuoha’s taking a chunk of that pitch home in his trunks.

Tony Beltran should become a language arts teacher. He reads a ton. He just showed off his writing chops. Tons of high schools could use a head soccer coach like him—imagine! I invite you, Tony. Teaching won’t make you wealthy, but you’ll be happy.