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RSL vs LA Galaxy: What we learned

Unhappiness & Disappointment

MLS: LA Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

We looked like a playoff team for a solid thirty minutes. We closed out the first half decently enough.

Then we got out-coached at halftime and it was all a porcelain swirl from there. And not in that nice blue toilet-cleaner water. Gross water. With chunks of corn.

Not going to happen—Prove me wrong, dammit!

If this is how we play against a team neck-and-neck with us looking into the playoffs, with some RSL team heroes in the stands watching, and Javi getting his just reward, then this team isn’t going to hack it in the playoffs. We are so close to having what it takes to be elite, but we’re just not there yet.

Freddy Juarez still has a slight chance to change my mind on whether he deserves to take the reins full-time for good, but I think I’m convinced that the piece we need is a top-class coach. Someone who can work with the team as it is and bring out the best. Bring out more. Drive that bar higher. Coaching matters.

That five minutes of stoppage time was exciting.


We have our number 9 back!

I miss Javi.

How about that quality from Everton?

I’m not sorry for the corn metaphor.