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Player Ratings: RSL 2-1 Houston

RSL pushed through a Houston team that spent a lot of time sitting back.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 4.5 If we are being honest, even though it was an incredibly emotional game for Rimando being his last regular season game in MLS, it was not his best showing. He had a poor giveaway that led to a goal that was luckily overturned and he let a ball in that should have been an easy angle for him to save. But he’s still the MLS G.O.A.T.

Aaron Herrera - 4.5 Herrera had a really bad pass when RSL had numbers that Houston capitalized on and ended up scoring. He had some bright moments but was lucky that McNamera did not score on the far post later in the game as well.

Marcelo Silva - 6.5 Silva repeatedly had some really great tackles and made some steps that put a quick end to Houston’s attack.

Nedhum Onuoha - 6 Nedum was once again a reliable presence in the back and helped RSL get the win.

Donny Toia - 5.5 Toia was as aggressive as we have seen him in this one, making some physical tackles. He bodied up some Houston players and made his presence known.

Everton Luiz - 6.5 Luiz is a masterful midfielder that never runs out of energy. He was a force in this game.

Kyle Beckerman - 5.5 Kyle got beat by some speedier players, but he helped create some looks for RSL in a tightly contested game, most notably the winner from Beckerman to Bofo to Savarino.

Damir Kreilach - 5 Kreilalch seems to be just a bit out of form over the past few games with some questionable passes and soft play.

Albert Rusnak - 6 Rusnak was able to quietly sneak up on Houston in this game, finding spaces and getting off a few shots that kept them honest.

Jefferson Savarino - 7 With the help of Bofo, Savarino took a nice touch to set himself up for the game-winning goal. He is capable of a moment of magic at any time, and he showed that again against the Dynamo.

Corey Baird - 6.5 Baird scored a quick on in the first minute of the game with a smart read, some quick movement up the field, and a nice finish.


Bofo Saucedo - 6.5 Bofo was a game-changer. He came on and really opened the game up for RSL but getting the ball into the final third and drawing fouls. He was justly awarded with an assist.