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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 1; Portland Thorns 0

In a huge game vs. Portland, who stood out?

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart- 9: Barnhart is the reason Utah stayed in this game. Portland had 21 shots in comparison to Utah’s 7, and we still got a clean sheet

Rachel Corsie- 6.5: Tonight wasn’t necessarily Corsie’s best night, but she got the job done and got a shutout. Just would’ve liked a little cleaner defending from her, but overall, she did good.

Becky Sauerbrunn- 10: Becky scored the lone goal and was a huge part in the shutout. She deserves the 10. Hey, I don’t make the rules.

Katie Bowen- 7: Similarly to Corsie, it wasn’t a bad game from her by any means. Defensively, her work was solid, just maybe could have been a little cleaner. Why she’s a little higher is her crosses into the box were a big part of the first half attack and created lots of chances.

Mallory Weber- 7: Weber played well tonight. I thought she did a lot of great work on both sides of the ball and didn’t make any major errors.

Desiree Scott- 6.5: In the first half, Scott was a little off. She wasn’t bad, just not necessarily the Destroyer we were used to. She did much better in the second half but overall, not the best we’ve seen from her.

Vero Boquete- 6.5: Vero is similar to Scott in that for large parts of the game she just was off a little bit. She created a few chances for Utah, but it would’ve been nice to see her get more involved in the attack.

Lo’eau LaBonta- 8: LaBonta had a great game. She was all over the field, created tons of chances and probably should have had a goal of her own.

Katie Stengel- 7.5: Stengel impressed tonight. When she subbed off, she was frustrated because I’m sure she felt she should’ve had a goal, as did I. I was impressed by her hard work.

Christen Press- 8: Press had an incredible game as well. As per usual, she was incredible with the ball at her feet; she created tons of chances and got the assist on the goal.

Amy Rodriguez- 7: Rodriguez had a good night. She provided some fire to the game with her fight with Sonnett, but it would probably be bad of me to give her a higher ranking for just that. Overall, had she an Amy Rodriguez night, with many opportunities created and nearly some taken advantage of.


Gunny Jonsdottir- 7: Gunny came into this game and did her job. She was meant to close this game out, and she did, not much more you could’ve asked from her.