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2020 RSL home kit leaks

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy
We probably won’t reach the heights of this classic kit.
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Modern life means secrets become increasingly hard to keep, and kit releases in Major League Soccer are no exception.

From the design process through to fulfillment, the opportunity for leaks is endless.

So here we are. This appears to be Real Salt Lake’s 2020-21 home kit.

Take a gander.

How would a kit like this make it out, you wonder? Moreover, how would all of this year’s new kits across the league make it out?

These look like production-ready or near-production-ready photographs of the kits, likely for adding for sale in a shop. That means there are plenty of chances here, including photographers, graphic artists or designers, and anyone involved in the software side of things — so really, it’s a long list, and it’s a reminder of how fragile a chain of secrets can be.

Anyway, the kit. That’s why you’re here. What do you think?

It looks a bit like an elevation map, doesn’t it? Interesting.