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RSL Soapbox Call for Contributors 2020

Look at us. Who would’ve thought?

This could be us.
Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox


As a reader of RSL Soapbox, you have probably discerned how important contributors are to the work we do here.

As part of that, we put out calls for contributors once or twice a year, and our time for 2020 is now.

With Real Salt Lake entering preseason and Utah Royals not far behind, there is no better time to start contributing to this very site.

I could tell you about some of the success stories we’ve had with contributors, but frankly, you’ve probably already seen many of the members of our staff grow and excel in different ways.

We want to continue to be the first stop for news and analysis around Real Salt Lake, and the best way we can do that is to continue growing and involving people like you, dear reader.

So, here’s a Google Form for you. It’s embedded below and linked in the previous sentence. It might render kind of strangely. If so, we’re sorry.