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Sam Johnson barred from RSL activity after reportedly holding large house parties

The parties reportedly included one on Oct. 3 in which shots were fired.

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A bombshell report from the folks over at The RSL Show dropped some substantial, troubling news: They’re reporting that Real Salt Lake forward Sam Johnson has been hosting large house parties in recent weeks.

That is reported to include an Oct. 3 party in which an estimated 100 guests were in attendance, and in which there was a shooting incident.

According to the report, the incident is under investigation by Major League Soccer, and Johnson is barred from engaging in team activity.

UPDATE: The investigation was confirmed by The Athletic reporter Sam Stejskal. He reported that parties took place on Oct. 4 and Oct. 7, both in advance of RSL matches, and that Real Salt Lake only learned of the parties on Oct. 8.

(A previous version of this update somehow misidentified Stejskal as Johnson. It’s been a day.)

In research conducted independently, we were not able to confirm that the shooting took place at Johnson’s residence.

Public records from the state county assessor’s office show that the reported shooting took place on the same block as Johnson’s residence. Photos of police vehicles at the incident site match closely with public photos from Google Maps of Johnson’s residence.

This certainly explains Johnson’s absence after the last match, though one does why he started in a match just days after the incident.