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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs San Jose

Wondo Wondos RSL Twice

MLS: Real Salt Lake at San Jose Earthquakes Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We’re not a good team. We tried to be a middling team, but we deserve the bottom of the table. It’s the team we are. Might we still sneak into the playoffs on some crazy results around the Western Conference? Sure. But that’s too much of who we’ve become. We need to make our own way. Own it. Earn it. Not luck into it.

There is no killer instinct. There is no fight or drive to make something happen. It feels like there’s a mindset problem; and let’s be fair, a mindset problem in this club this year with all that’s going on and has transpired over the past year is probably to be expected.

It’s on the coach and the veterans to to spur a mindset change. It’s up to the young players to step up. Our traditional leaders are all aging out. We need the team to step up.

This is one of those years where the team should have rallied, should have defied the difficulties, should have pulled together to show their value.

Does anyone think Justen Glad remains with RSL for much longer? I’d build the defense around him and Herrera, but instead he’s not starting.

So now what? There’s no one to blame but ourselves.


The San Jose Earthquakes should probably stop letting their dogs pee on the pitch.

There are too many teams in MLS.

I miss being a good team. Remember that?