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Player Ratings: RSL - LAFC

RSL showed its inconsistency against LAFC.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Putna- 4.5 Putna was unable to come up with some stops that we desperately could have used.

Donny Toia - 3 Odd decision making and bad passing were somewhat of a theme for Toia. Also, he got exposed on his side repeatedly.

Erik Holt - 3.5 Holt showed spurts where he made some positive plays, but ultimately got out-played by Rossi and others.

Marcelo Silva - 5.5 In a game like this with a relatively young back line, Silva should step up and lead. Unfortunately, he got caught out of position on occasion and things broke down. On the offensive end, he had a nice header that ended up in the goal thanks to a little help from Atuesta.

Aaron Herrera - 6 Herrera was somewhat of a bright spot for RSL’s defense in an otherwise dismal showing.

Pablo Ruiz - 6.5 With the absence of Rusnak, Ruiz took the bulk of the free kick and corner chances and eventually found Marcelo Silva in the 64th minute. He was much better in the second half with his midfield positioning.

Damir Kreilach - 4.5 LAFC’s third goal was very telling about how this match went for RSL. On a play where Kreilach dropped back to provide help defending, the rest of the back line was nowhere to be found.

Corey Baird - 4.5 Baird made a lot of the right runs, but Martinez never found him. When he did have the ball and a little bit of space, he tended to lose the ball or be indecisive. In fairness to Baird, replacing Baird is not really suited to him.

Justin Meram - 6 Meram was one of the few players using creative build-up play in the first half to try to get RSL on the board.

Maikel Chang - 4.5 Chang had a game devoid of highlights. He was on the field, but largely uninvolved.

Douglas Martinez Jr. - 5 Martinez was able to take advantage of LAFC’s high line, but was unable to do much with it after that. His decisions seemed a bit selfish when he could have cut back a couple of times and found a central runner.


Sam Johnson - 5.5 Sam came on at the half to provide more speed to try and take advantage of LAFC’s back line, but was unable to take advantage of his chances.

Jeizon Ramirez - 4.5 Ideally in a game like this, Ramirez comes on and brings a new look to the attack. We saw very little of that.