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Player Ratings: Seattle - RSL

Effort with average play.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Putna- 5.5 Putna had a nice save early in the second half that looked destined for goal., but ultimately, did not have an outstanding performance.

Nick Besler - 5 Besler played a simple game, but RSL could have used a bit more out of him. to get something out of this match.

Justen Glad - 5.5 Glad was at his best when he moved the ball further up the field. He was pretty good in defense, but not dominant. Part of the reason for that is that the back line was a little hodgepodge.

Erik Holt - 3.5 Holt looked like he was out of his league again, with his lack of pace being a liability and sequences where he left Bruin and others unmarked in front of goal.

Aaron Herrera - 5.5 It’s sad that Herrera let Morris get in front of him on the first Seattle goal because Herrera was one of the few players that looked confident over the course of the game.

Kyle Beckerman - 5 Beckerman tried to give RSL some rest by maintaining possession but probably could have made a few more passes forward.

Justin Portillo - 4.5 Portillo fought hard but was ultimately outclassed in the middle of the field.

Pablo Ruiz- 6.5 Ruiz was one of the few players making plays toward the goal and beating Seattle defenders. He got a little too anxious to get shots off, but at least he was trying to get shots off. His creative footwork came in handy a handful of times.

Tate Schmitt - 3.5 Schmitt played like he was nervous to be on the field and did not cover his mark when there was a runner toward the goal.

Corey Baird - 5 Baird was unable to get involved in the game in a meaningful way.

Sam Johnson - 4 Sam was frustrated and rightfully so. The midfield could not get him the ball in any sort of moderately dangerous area. However, that’s no excuse to leave your man unmarked on a set piece.


Douglas Martinez Jr. - 5 Douglas brought fresh legs, but not much awareness in the area.

Maikel Chang - 6 Chang came on and with some forward-thinking play, created something out of nothing for RSL. He got the ball into some dangerous areas.

Justin Meram - N/A

Jeizon Ramirez - N/A