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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs LA Galaxy

Did someone just flush?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

RSL’s 2020 playoff hopes have evaporated. We’re on our way into winter. Honestly? I’m kind of content with it. If there’s a year to flame out, it’s 2020. I have other things to be stressed about that take prominence over a sport. There’s something calming about the elimination of a potential stressor.

Would I have loved for RSL to make a deep run and show some grit? Of course. I’d take happiness from sport over contentment.

RSL’s moving into what looks like another rebuilding phase; that rebuilding, of course, coming to the top of the club. It’s going to have an impact on our on-field product, but I have no idea what that’s going to be.

I’m thinking we should be prepared for one of two scenarios. RSL makes a bunch of changes this off-season beneath the vision (or proactive anticipation) of new ownership. We come into 2021 looking much different, probably playing a bit sloppy, but with a base we feel we can build on.

Or nothing much happens and we come into 2021 looking exactly the same as we look now, unsure what’s going to happen to RSL, and with everyone wondering what’s going to drop with the ownership change.

I think Freddy Juarez needs some time within a stable organization to put his stamp on RSL. These things take time. The problem is that the RSL fanbase has been staying patient since Kreis and Lagerwey bailed.

I don’t know how much patience we have left.

Please be courteous and wear your masks.


At this point in 2020, I’m not sure any reaction can be considered an overreaction. Overreactions are becoming pretty standard across the board. I’d like to just react normally for a while. Or not really react at all and just let it all slide past.