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Keep Utah Royal

We need to fight to keep our team!

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

As you all know, it was reported the morning of November 24th that Utah Royals FC may fold or be sold and relocated back to Kansas City. In 2017, FC Kansas City folded, but the rights to the team were bought by Dell Loy Hansen who brought the team to Salt Lake City. After reports of racism and sexism in the workplace, Dell Loy Hansen announced that he would be selling Utah Soccer Holdings LLC, which includes Real Salt Lake, Real Monarchs, and Utah Royals FC.

With the reports that Utah may lose the team, it’s time to show what Utah Royals FC means to the state. It’s my hope fans would participate in a social media campaign to keep the team here. One of my fellow writers came up with “Keep Utah Royal,” and I think it fits this situation perfectly. Here’s how you can be a part:

  • Post you favorite Utah Royals FC moment, either with a photo or story
  • Use the hashtag #KeepUtahRoyal
  • Tag JJ Watt and Ryan Smith, two people who have stated interest in purchasing the team
  • Tag Lisa Baird and the NWSL to let them know a community supports the team

Everyone who supports the team cannot stay silent. Fan outcry can go a long way to show that the team and its players matter to the community. To the players who may read this, we support you and thank you for how you have inspired many and served in the city.