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Utah Royals FC protects 11 players

Among them Kelley O’Hara, Lo’eau Labonta, Amy Rodriguez, and Tziarra King to name a few.

Utah Royals FC v OL Reign Photo by Stephen Brashear/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The NWSL announced the list of players protected by the nine NWSL clubs in the 2020 NWSL Expansion Draft. Teams are permitted to protect a total of 11 Players/U.S. Allocated Players, which may include up to two U.S. Allocated Players from the 2020 NWSL season.

All remaining U.S. Allocated Players must be left Unprotected. Individuals on the Discovery List of any team are not eligible to be selected in the Expansion Draft.

Utah Royals FC protected the following players:

  1. Elizabeth Ball
  2. Kate Bowen
  3. Rachel Corsie
  4. Kate Del Fava
  5. Tziarra King
  6. Lo’eau Labonta
  7. Kelley O’Hara (US Allocated)
  8. Amy Shilling (Rodriguez)
  9. Abby Smith
  10. Michele Vasconcelos
  11. Gabby Vincent

Unprotected Players

  • Nicole Barnhart
  • Veronica Boquete (International)
  • Kate Deines (Playing Rights)
  • Cyera Hintzen (College Protected)
  • Lauren Holiday (Playing Rights)
  • Gunnhildur Jonsdottir
  • Samantha Johnson (Playing Rights)
  • Mandy Laddish (Playing Rights)
  • Taylor Leach
  • Taylor Lytle
  • Michelle Maemone
  • Diana Matheson (CAN Allocated)
  • Sydney Miramontez (Playing Rights)
  • Madeline Nolf
  • Christen Press (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
  • Brittany Ratcliffe
  • Desiree Scott (CAN Allocated)
  • Arielle Ship
  • Raisa Strom-Okimoto
  • Erika Tymrak (Playing Rights)
  • Mallory Weber