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RSL vs Orlando: What we learned

Put that point in the piggy bank

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Orlando City SC James Gilbert-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new season. It’s feels like a new team. It’s weird not having Rimando in goal. So how did we look against Orlando tonight?

(Please excuse the article photo; there was almost zero selection)

According to Plan

I know RSL Social Media Online is probably going to have a meltdown about this one. The lineup, the result. The biggest thing I thought through this whole game was that things were mostly going according to what was planned. A point on the road is a solid result and we should be comfortable with it. Ask questions? Criticize the mistakes? Absolutely. But it’s a result and we’ll take it.


Over the years much of what I’ve written in these articles has circled around what this team’s identity is. We had the Kreis diamond and simple possession. Under Cassar, there was none. Petke started to bring some of that around.

This year I think we have it and it centers around our defense. That’s who we’ve become. Perseverance was the mantra last season and it’s translated into our defensive identity.

We’re a strong defensive team and that defense is what keeps us in matches, gets us wins, and nets us points on the road. Tonight, our defense was a rock.


Our defense did their job and they did it well, but there wasn’t much in attack. Especially in the first half (which, again, I think was exactly to plan). But there’s where our big question mark is planted. Like a huge flag in the supporters’ section.

Who scores? How do we attack? How do we create more chances? After tonight, I have absolutely no idea. There were some glimpses of major skill (I’m looking at Baird, here), but it’s got to get better. Fans love goals. We want goals.


Corey Baird is going to be RSL’s team MVP this season.

I used to watch Columbus just to see Justin Meram and Higuain play. Meram is my geek-out signing for the season.

I hope Kyle Beckerman’s anle injury clears up. Sounds painful.