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Off the Crossbar, Episode 8: Kit reveal, Giusesppe Rossi, and Jeizon Ramirez

There’s been a little bit of RSL news floating around. Let’s talk.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

In the latest episode of Off the Crossbar, Matt, Trevor and Kyle are taking a long hard look at MLS kits.

Consensus? They’re all kind of mediocre, and RSL’s is right in the middle of the pack.

We went beyond just kits, though, diving into some of the rumors you’ve likely seen:

  • Will RSL sign Giuseppe Rossi? Is he worth bringing on to the squad? Trevor certainly thinks so, saying he’d pay him a billion dollars. Kyle and I think that’s a bit excessive.
  • Young Venezuelan winger Jeizon Ramirez, 18, looks set to sign — although there’s always a bit of a waiting game to be had in international transfers.
  • Jefferson Savarino is on his way out, with a move to Atletico Mineiro appearing closer than ever before.