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Off the Crossbar, Special: Interview with Matt Murphy, Real Monarchs athletic trainer

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

We over at Off the Crossbar are pleased to bring you this special episode: It’s an interview with Matt Murphy, head athletic trainer for Real Monarchs.

Conducting that interview is our special correspondent, Lucas Muller, who you’ll know well from the site. Following is the embedded podcast and Lucas introducing us. So, without further ado:

Matt Murphy is the Head Athletic Trainer for Real Monarchs. Murphy, who joined the RSL Organization in 2019, started as an athletic trainer for the RSL Academy. After a year working with the academy boys, he moved into his current role as Head Athletic Trainer for the Monarchs this offseason.

Our conversation centers around his background, what an athletic trainer does, and the RSL organization. At the time of recording, the USL season hadn’t yet kicked off, so he hadn’t been in his role for a regular season game. That has now changed after the Monarchs’ 1-0 loss to San Antonio FC on Saturday. It’s an insightful look into Matt as a person, his profession, and the Performance and Medical Staff at the club.