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The Foodie’s Guide to Rio Tinto Stadium

Join us as we review the best and worst of Rio Tinto’s concession stands each and every home game

Dell Loy Hansen grabbing a bite at Rio Tinto Stadium

Hello fellow Real Salt Lake fans, this year I have taken on the tall and sometimes delicious task of trying each and every food option offered at Rio Tinto stadium. Each home match I’ll give you my unbiased and unfiltered review on all of the grub you love or have wanted to try.

In my foodie’s guide we’ll cover taste, temperature, wait times, price, overall value and more. So stay tuned each home game as I run the gauntlet, consume the calories, and stave off indigestion in the name of science!

This week we will cover a vendor that is brand new to Rio Tinto starting in 2020, My Pie Pizza. Let’s get to it!

Store front of My Pie Pizza

My Pie Pizza

Location: The terrace above the north goal.

Food Options: I went with the classic pepperoni pizza. Simple, but always a fan favorite. My Pie Pizza only offers three options for toppings, two of which are the same each and every week, the third being the “match day pie.” In this case, the match day pie was a hot Hawaiian pizza with ham, pineapple and jalapeños. I stuck with the pepperoni.

It should also be noted that My Pie Pizza offers a cauliflower/gluten free crust as well as a VeganCheese option. Both are an additional $4 each.

Pepperoni pizza from My Pie Pizza

Taste: I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste of this pizza. I would rate it higher than your Mod pizza or Pizzeria Limone which are similar in size and price. The cheese had a very natural flavor and texture, not the rubbery or artificial type cheese that I would’ve expected from stadium concessions. The crust was light and airy with a solid but not hard crunch to it. The pepperoni’s were large and slightly burnt like bacon around the edge which is a personal favorite of mine.

Price: The price was a little steep, but most pizza is when you are used to a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s. So at $11 I was a little hesitant. I think this pizza justifies a price range of $8 - $10 at most. If you want the specialty match day pie you are going to spend $13, add a gluten free crust and an individual pie pizza is now $15 to $18. It can add up fast.

My Pie Pizza menu and pricing

Wait Time: The vendor is new, so this is the first game, and a home opener at that. So I will give them a pass as they work out their operational efficiency issues. I waited a solid 15 minutes in line to get my pie, half of that was spent waiting after I had already paid. They only have 3 menu options for pizza, so you’d think they would have them flying out as you order them, but this was not the case. There were about 10 people ahead of me waiting for their pies that they had already paid for as well.

Now the silver lining to the wait was that my pizza was hot and fresh, right out of the oven. The down side was in a 90 minute game I spent 1/6th of the game watching the big screen from the My Pizza Pie line. Not great.

Fancy lines for directing traffic while we wait for pizza.

Value: Honestly, the pie was a little pricey for a cheap skate like myself but the quality was undeniable. It was a really good pizza, better than what you can get at some of the local brick and mortar establishments around town. I give it an A- in value. Great taste, fresh ingredients, a little pricey.

Parting thoughts: You should definitely try My Pizza Pie. It tasted great and was a solid portion size. The wait is a little long, so I recommend you get in line prior to kick off, or get in line right before halftime so as not to miss any of the action on the pitch.

Here is my one caution for those of you wanting to pick up a My Pie Pizza at the next home match. The box it comes in is quite large, bigger than my lap. When you open the box it is now twice the size and that made it difficult to enjoy it in my seat while watching the game. The box was either intruding on the personal space of the person sitting in front of me, or the person to my side. There was no way around it. Fortunately, the person at my side also. happened to be my smoking hot wife and she didn’t seem to mind.