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The Real Questions: Giuseppe Rossi, changes for Utah Royals FC, and the Real Monarchs home opener

RSL and Real Monarchs had games this week, and Utah Royals FC started preseason. That leaves some questions to address.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake: What is going on with Giuseppe Rossi?

The official injury report was vague. Not included on the initial injury report, Rossi’s absence from the 18 man roster for RSL’s game versus New York Red Bulls was surprising. Shortly after the announcement of the lineup, fans got knowledge of a “lower body” injury on Rossi.

Since then, a little more information has come out. RSL commentator David James has since tweeted that Rossi is out with a hamstring injury. That is pretty much all that is known that Rossi out injured with a hamstring. Although encouraging that it’s not a knee issue, there isn’t much information about his return.

Utah Royals FC: Why is Amy Rodriguez going to be the captain for Utah Royals FC?

Utah Royals FC and new head coach Craig Harrington announced that Amy Rodriguez would be taking over Becky Sauerbrunn’s role at the team’s captain. This is the first time Rodriguez will be the sole captain of a team.

With a lot of players leaving the Utah Royals this year, it is not surprising someone with the veteran experience like Rodriguez was selected to be the team’s captain headed into the preseason. This is Rodriguez’s third season with Utah, and she spent four seasons with FC Kansas City before Kansas City folded.

There were some questions whether the captain should be Nicole Barnhart potentially, but ultimately Rodriguez’s skill set, coupled with her leadership skills, caused Harrington to select her as captain.

Real Monarchs SLC: Why should you go to the Real Monarchs home opener on Saturday?

Real Monarchs have their first home game of 2020 as reigning champions on Saturday at 3 p.m. The fact that they are reigning champions should be enough to convince every soccer fan in Salt Lake to be there, but regardless, there are more reasons to come.

Attending Real Monarchs matches enable fans to get a preview into what is about to come with Real Salt Lake. On Saturday, Douglas Martinez scored an ultimately offside goal. A lot of fans had no idea where Martinez had come from; he, Maikel Chang, and many others started their time with RSL playing for the Monarchs. Even Justen Glad got his start with the Monarchs.

Investing a little bit of time in keeping an eye on the Monarchs can stir up a lot of excitement for what’s to come in the future of RSL. Start now by attending their home opener on Saturday.