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RSL vs. New York Red Bulls: What we learned

A strange one left us with one more point

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake Melissa Majchrzak-USA TODAY Sports

That was an odd game. If not for the efforts of RBNY, we would have won that match with a surfeit of goals. But you don’t compete against no one and so here we are. Some killer, crazy chances that just didn’t fall where we wanted them to. An arm that go caught in the line of fire. Just one point.


Like all of you out there, I was keyed in on seeing what RSL could do at home in the way of attack. It was a rough start, but then we turned the attack on; of course, not until RBNY scored a killer goal.

Our set pieces are looking quality, though. We brought in a specialist to improve on set pieces and it shows. Chance after chance on set pieces. Rough that none of those crossed the line.

There’s something to build on here. There’s potential for this season to look great.


I think that RSL has what it takes to keep us entertained this season. Am I positive we’ll be great? No. Do I think we’ll be terrible? No. Mostly the team needs to show that we can build and improve.


It’s important to remember that soccer is about entertainment. First and foremost. We tune in to be entertained. Today’s match was entertaining. Disappointing at times, frustrating at others, but exciting at others. This group has talent and drive. Let’s hope that translates into a good season. An entertaining one.

Today was exciting. Frustrating. I’m feeling positive but skeptical.


According to plan. For RBNY. While we looked exciting, they came out the back end with a more desired outcome. 1 > 0, though. 1 > 0.

RBNY have implemented a secret, invisible barrier behind their keeper. Or maybe stretchy Mr. Fantastic legs.

I’m predicting one of three outcomes: a great season for RSL, a mediocre season for RSL, or a poor season for RSL.