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Reaction to the new Utah Royals FC kit

Utah Royals FC released their new primary kit today.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

When I heard Utah Royals FC was getting new primary kits this year, I was excited, but nervous. I’ve seen a few new kits for teams I love, and I’ve been let down (look at Real Salt Lake specifically), so when I heard URFC was getting a new primary jersey, I was nervous that they would look bad.

I was wrong. I had heard rumors during the wait, and they were true. They are far better than what I had imagined. I heard about it being mainly blue. I heard about the mountains. I was excited for those, but imagined it so differently.

As soon as I saw the photos and the release video, I fell in love. The blue with gold mountains fits the color scheme perfectly, while including a major part of Utah landscape in the design. The team represents the state, and the mountains make that more true than ever. When you go to Rio Tinto Stadium, you see the mountains in the backdrop. With this kit, URFC can feel at home wherever they are, if they wear this kit. The gold shorts are a great look, too. With the gold kit, we saw URFC wear gold shorts at times due to the kit the opponent was wearing.

It’s a sad day to see the iconic gold jerseys from season one going away, but it’s time to get a new primary kit to use at home. The gold kits will forever be in our hearts and our history. We can always have the memory of turning the RioT gold in the inaugural home opener through last season.

If I was to choose a favorite between the gold and this kit, I would have to choose the new kit, though it’s a tight battle. I love both of them. What do you guys think about the new kit? Do you like this kit or the gold kit better?