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RSL vs Colorado Rapids: What we learned

We’re back and top of the group

Real Salt Lake v Colorado Rapids - MLS Is Back Tournament Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

That was refreshing. RSL is back. It felt really nice watching this one tonight.

The first things I learned were the names of all of the players and the coach. It’s been so long. It feels like our last game was in 2019, which feels like four years ago. I have to keep reminding myself that we had a couple matches sneak through in 2020. Stupid 2020, ruining everything. Freddy Juarez is the coach, by the way. Freddy Juarez. Thanks Wikipedia.

Now to serious matters. We looked cleaner and sharper out there than any returning MLS team I’ve watched thus far. There was less rust on the team than my writing skills, am I right!?

RSL’s not at peak, no, but compared with other teams, we showed up right out of the gate. I think that was a smart tactic. We came out swinging and played some nice looking soccer to start this one out. Then the fitness and the rust came in, but that was expected.

RSL looks together. The team played as a team. Colorado didn’t. I’m impressed with the continuity that this team has strung along into this tournament. I expected sloppier play. It was refreshing.

They attacked together and defended together. Douglas Martínez impressed. Glad and Silva were together. I was worried about MacMath’s distribution at the start, but he pulled it together and made a couple of impressive saves. I could really point out some nice play from everyone who started, but you probably saw it, too.


Sure, RSL won, but it was also a double-loss day! Take that SKC and Colorado! Take that.

Something I learned is that we have some guy one our team named Beckerman—Kyle Beckerman, am I pronouncing this right? The captain? He was replaced by a strange looking mustachioed fellow; probably a spy or secret agent in disguise.

Albert Rusnák should have had a PK goal to his name tonight because Irwin should have gotten a red card just like Tim Melia did the game previous and Rusnák would have thus taken his PK against a completely different keeper who wasn’t warmed up and wouldn’t have saved the shot even though it wasn’t his best PK ever (and, breathe).

We’re top of our group and on our way to becoming the MLS is Back Tournament Championship Winners. That’s the coolest name ever! Is there a cup or something we can fill with beer? That’s why cups are the trophies, right? For beer?