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RSL vs Sporting KC: What we learned

Losing to SKC makes me sad

Real Salt Lake v Minnesota United FC - MLS Is Back Tournament Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

How we start

Slow. We start slow. It takes RSL some time to find a rhythm; once we find that rhythm, we do a good job moving the ball and controlling much of the game’s flow. Right now, the best strategy is to hit us hard to start.

Sporting hit us hard at the beginning. SKC dominated the first 10 minutes, pressing hard and high. It was a smart move and led to that goal in the first minute of play. RSL needs to figure out how to start stronger.


Three subs before the 63rd minute, all five by the 77th. That’s how you use your substitutions intelligently, especially with the obvious tiredness and sloppy (very sloppy, as in “why do we keep passing to SKC?” sloppy) passing.

It wasn’t perfect, and the tired back line seemed to just give up on that last goal. A nice strike from Gerso Fernandes, though there was very little pressure on him to hinder it.

Sam Johnson

With Sam Johnson on the field, Corey Baird looked to be playing two positions. Baird was the better option at winger and moving inside to that striker spot. There was a bit of positional swapping, but it really felt like Baird was covering both.

I understand that Johnson needs service to be played inside to him, but he’s also a professional. He needs to play himself into the game and find creative ways to impact the flow. He didn’t do any of that. I don’t know if I’d play him again. Douglas Martínez has more energy and seems to care.

Jeizon Ramírez

This kid has it. His touches and passes were spot on. To paraphrase the wisdom of the great chocolate philosopher Matt Montgomery: He’s young, in a foreign land, and experiencing a global pandemic without his familial support system around. Let’s cut him some slack and give him the chance to build himself into this team. I really think he’s going to pay off.


Comments on this match from Peter Vermes, probably: I think ^&#*% is $^&*# when &#%& and #&*!@ are *#&%& while they $&#>$# at the ^@#$.

RSL should spend some time watching Sesame Street to find creative inspiration. A bit of creativity has to come from somewhere. Sesame Street’s good for that.

Stupid Sporting KC.

Stupid 6am game (I live in Oregon now). It’s nap time.