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URFC Show (101) :Episode 1 OH 1!

It’s Episode 101 of the Utah Royals FC Show.

It’s Episode 101 of the Utah Royals FC Show! URFC is out of the Challenge Cup, and so Lucas and Cindy chat about that. Where does Utah go from here? Where does the NWSL go from here after the Challenge Cup? Speaking of the Challenge Cup, we chat about the mighty Courage were eliminated, the upcoming final, and other NWSL news, including the new LA expansion team coming in 2022.

Also in this episode:

  • Lucas made a funny meme
  • The stans got mad
  • Toxic behavior from people who stan too hard? Yes.
  • Press to LA can happen. If it does, we’ll cry and write about it. Watch out for stans.
  • Sam Mewis to Manchester City. Rose Lavelle to follow?
  • Answer some listener questions
  • Consider a salsa-making episode for episode 102.

Thanks for listening!

Please take care, be safe, and be nice to your local NWSL media person, friends!