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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 1, Sky Blue FC 0

The team looked less shaky this game. Who stood out?

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith- 6: Smith didn’t have much to do during the game. When she saw the little action she had, she was good.

Rachel Corsie- 6: Corsie wasn’t called upon much either, but she kept the Sky Blue attack at bay.

Elizabeth Ball- 6.5: Ball had more action than Corsie and did well to shut Sky Blue down.

Kate Del Fava- 7: Del Fava had most of the action out of those on the back line and she did very well keeping the attack from being dangerous.

Michelle Maemone- 6: Maemone did well getting involved on both sides of the ball until she had to leave the match due to injury.

Lo’Eau LaBonta- 5: LaBonta didn’t have a bad game, but she was invisible all game long.

Raisa Strom-Okimoto - 6: Strom-Okimoto had a better outing today than in the previous game, looking more dangerous.

Vero Boquete- 8: Vero was constantly dangerous and had the assist on the game winning goal.

Amy Rodriguez - 7.5: A-Rod won the game. Her speed was on display for much of the match and she worked hard throughout. She missed a few decent chances, but was a constant danger throughout her time on the field.

Diana Matheson- 5: Matheson had a quiet game as well and didn’t stand out positively or negatively.

Brittany Ratcliffe- 7: Ratcliffe once again was dangerous and made the right runs. She also won the ball back which led to the goal. She’s done extremely well coming off of an ACL tear last year.


Katie Bowen- 6: Bowen came on as a sub and helped in the attack and on defense. She did well.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 6: Jonsdottir came on and provided some help in the midfield and did well.

Mallory Weber- 6.5: In her first game of the year, Weber came on and looked dangerous, creating chances for the team.

Tziarra King- 5.5: King didn’t look as impressive during this game compared to her debut. She didn’t do bad, but didn’t do great either.

Arielle Ship- N/A