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Can MLS force DLH’s hand and take over RSL — and will they?

MLS: MLS IS BACK Final-Orlando City SC at Portland Timbers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

In what may be the fastest move in MLS ownership history, rumors have started surfacing that the league is in discussion to take over Real Salt Lake from Dell Loy Hansen, and, one would imagine, find a new owner for the club.

We are in unprecedented territory, which only arose after Dell Loy Hansen spoke publicly about feeling offended after RSL and LAFC players went on strike last night, along with many other teams in the league — which doesn’t start to mention that he said he was going to lay off people from Real Salt Lake, the RSL Foundation, and other parts of his organization in retaliation.

This is all made possible by the fact that MLS is a single-entity league, and given that Dell Loy Hansen is an investor-owner in the league, but doesn’t own the franchise outright.

Major League Soccer has an option in this regard: The board may force Hansen out, if the board agrees to do so by a two-thirds vote.

So the short answer is yes, Major League Soccer absolutely can. There are, of course, other pieces of Hansen’s soccer empire that are not governed by Major League Soccer, like Real Monarchs and Utah Royals FC.

We return again to the question of whether MLS will take action in this — and it’s clear from response around the nation that it’s in their best interest.

Well, reliable source and friend of the site (and occasional contributor) Jake Simons, who you may know from the RSL Show, has some news in that regard.

From all indications, it sure starts to look like something will actually happen here. Buckle up — it’s going to be a bumpy flight.