Del Loy Hansen OUT

Lets really talk about what just happened.

What just happened wasn't a fat guy spewing out his raw emotions on twitter like we see elsewhere.

What just happened wasn't even a guy getting filmed, unknowingly, while being pressured to answer questions about a tough topic.

Nah, this wasn't even close to those.

So what actually happened?

DLH went on a the Radio from Hell show on X96. A station he owns. He coordinated time in his day, with a company he owns, to make a statement. Nobody forced him to say anything. Had someone asked him to say something, he easily could have said "no, I'm not doing that right now". Again, the guy runs the whole operation here. He also could have waited. He could have put out a "we are talking with the players about how this will be handled" statement, if he felt so inclined to say something. Instead, he went through with this. He decided to go on a radio, for an "interview", and made sure people heard what he said.

There were NUMEROUS steps along the way to what DLH did do where he could have stopped himself. Where he could have rehearsed what he was going to say. Where he could have re-examined these "belief" he claims, and made sure they weren't overshadowed in his statement. DLH could have talked with folks that maybe didn't feel the same way as he felt right then. DLH had time. Heck, DLH did this after a night of sleep.

What did we get? We got DLH showing us what he is.

This can't be stressed enough:

  • DLH doesn't get a pass of being emotional here
  • DLH doesn't get a pass of saying these things off the cuff
  • DLH had time to handle this in a responsible manner that didn't make him sound so selfish
  • DLH had time to call players and say "hey, I'm about to go on the radio, would you want to come talk too?" I mean, the guy was able to get Andy Carroll to come along...

DLH showed who he is. Deep down, this is who this man is. he's a selfish billionaire that can't see past himself/his money. He can claim to support any cause he wants, but the truth of the matter the only cause he supports is himself and making money.

The time is long overdue


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