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Onuoha: “I don’t want to be here” after DLH comments

The defender is almost certainly not alone in this.

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Real Salt Lake defender Nedum Onuoha — and an all around great person and amazing resource on the team when considering the impact racial injustice has on society, as well as his willingness to speak out — has made his position clear.

He doesn’t want to play for Dell Loy Hansen.

In an interview with the BBC, Onuoha said he doesn’t “want to be here.”

“I don’t want to be here because I’m not here to play for someone who isn’t here to support us,” ex-Manchester City player Onuoha told BBC World Service.

“We are trying to create a bigger conversation but a lot of the people who are in power don’t empathise or sympathise or do anything. They are more concerned with themselves.”

The news that Onuoha is not happy with the response is not surprising, and one can hope that Hansen’s involvement in Real Salt Lake will come to a swift conclusion.