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LAFC coach Bob Bradley: Dell Loy Hansen shows pattern, does not belong in current role

The former USMNT coach has spoken out.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The first Major League Soccer coach to speak out about Dell Loy Hansen? It’s Bob Bradley, LAFC coach, former USMNT coach, and someone generally agreed to be an upstanding person.

His statement is short, and it is definitive. Here it is, quoted by fellow SBNer Alicia Rodriguez.

He continues, and though this is not specifically about Dell Loy Hansen, it really illustrates the broader point.

It certainly appears likely that Dell Loy Hansen will be forced to sell the club — commentator, pundit, and upstanding citizen Brian Dunseth indicated this morning that he’d heard some significant rumblings in that direction — and the voice of one of MLS’s most prominent coaches being added to the chorus will only strengthen the argument.