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DLH issues statement, says he will support “moving quickly” away from his ownership

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Dell Loy Hansen is out as owner of Real Salt Lake, Utah Royals FC and Real Monarchs in a statement that, while ultimately a bit weak, sets the stage for a new era of soccer in Utah.

The full release is below. In it, Hansen “assume(s) full responsibility to for allowing my words to travel unfiltered as to their significance and impact,” which, while not particularly direct and still a bit problematic, starts to get at the heart of the issues that were at hand.

Hansen was publicly accused of using abusive, racist language, of imitating Black employees, and more.

Hansen says he is “fully invested in supporting the transition,” and that he will work to “ensure that the Club stays within our community.” He also indicates that there will be a quick timeline, which would make sense — historically, Hansen has made extremely rapid deals.

The full statement is below.

To the RSL Community -

I recognize that at times I have spoken too quickly, without pausing to consider the feelings or good intentions of others. This is not acceptable and I assume full responsibility for allowing my words to travel unfiltered as to their significance and impact.

I believe that communities are strengthened by diversity. I am truly sorry for offending and being insensitive to the plight of others. I seek to do better and commit to supporting and improving diversity and inclusion in my own community going forward.

After deep consideration and soul-searching, my wife Julie and I agree that the best way forward for the Real Salt Lake family is to assume new ownership and a refreshed vision. We are fully invested in supporting the transition to new ownership and will work diligently to try to ensure that the Club stays within our community. We will support the organization and its employees in moving quickly so as to minimally disrupt this season and allow new ownership adequate time to plan for the 2021 season.

Real Salt Lake has our full support. We have been blessed with loving friendships that are expressed daily. These will be sorely missed. We love our community and our family and sincerely hope for the best outcomes for each. Know that our hearts will always bleed Claret and Cobalt.


Dell Loy Hansen