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Hansen shares letter with players and coaches, names Onuoha specifically in apology

Dell Loy Hansen sends a farewell and apology letter to Real Salt Lake

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen has agreed to sell the team. This morning he sent a letter to the players and coaches. An anonymous source provided this letter to RSL Soapbox this morning.

In the letter he acknowledged his own failings, apologized, and said he would assist the transition team but would step back from leadership of the club. He also apologized to Nedum Onuoha specifically. Onuoha had told the BBC that he felt he could not play for an owner like Hansen.

You can read the full letter here:

To RSL Players and Coaches,

I wrote to you all as true professionals. I recognize that I have failed at times to act as an owner worthy of your respect. I am sorry, and seek your forgiveness for the failures. I will work diligently to transition the team to new ownership, and will no longer be managing or directing the team. I will endeavor to find a strong replacement to guide you forward. You are all so deserving of exceptional leadership.

I recognize the value of all manner of diversity and will double my personal effort to seek equality and peace in our society and the world at large. Our nation needs to be challenged to this end. You are the leaders in that effort and I completely failed in supporting you. I will not repeat that failure. Nedum Onuoha is one of the finest men that I have ever met. To him, I offer my sincerest apology for not being an owner that he can believe in. He is right and please accept my acknowledgement of that failure.

Play with passion for your community and your Club. Demand an inclusive society that we can all be proud of and prosper in. Thank you for the years that I have shared with so many of you as academy players and world-class players who have chosen Real Salt Lake as the club to be honored with your skills.

You are a team that deserves a leader you can be inspired by. I am sorry for any shortcomings as I sought to be that leader. You will have the chance to move forward boldly. Do not let my words or failings influence your forward progress and success. Be bold and honorable.


Dell Loy Hansen