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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs Vancouver

The line in the standings is not to limbo beneath

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

And we’re now below the playoff line. Before this one I thought to myself “Vancouver? They’re not even a good team. Should be an easy three points at home.” Which now means we aren’t even a good team. So here we are.

I think the obvious cliché to roll with is to blame the officials. I also think that’s weak. It doesn’t give the players responsibility. Or the coaches. The referees will be up and down. They always are, but they are, frankly, not the reason we lose. Mostly.

There’s a coaching element that’s missing. Most longtime coaches will tell you something along the line of “a coach is only as good as his assistants.” I think there’s a piece missing there, but I’m not going to say that I know what it is. Or how to fix it.

Where is the bounceback energy? After our humiliation against Colorado, where is the fight from our players? Where’s the drive to show we’re better than that? I just didn’t see it tonight.

Finally, Jeizon Ramírez is not up to MLS speed. The only way he’s going to get up to MLS speed is to play in MLS matches. He needs to play more. There’s skill there. It shows every time he plays for a couple of minutes. He just needs to hone his skills to the nature of MLS, and I think he’ll be swell.


I think we should try fielding a full eleven players next match.

It’s be great if our scouts were out finding great additions to this team. Or if we had scouts. Do you think they’re just playing FIFA? “Hot damn that Messi fellow is pretty good! Does he want to come to Utah?”

Maybe Kreilach knows some friends who want to come here. He seems to like it.

Maybe we need an owner who’ll say, “Win this one for me and everyone gets a pizza party!” Someone make a Pizza Party for RSL if they Win GoFundMe.