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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs LA Galaxy

We’re only four points from the top of the Western Conference

MLS: LA Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In a battle of pseudo-science jersey sponsors, RSL takes the three points and earns a clean sheet. One set of useless designated players outperformed the other set of useless designated players, many of those designated players going unused for lack of use.

Outcomes like tonight’s are one of the reasons that I love MLS as a league. The cliché around LA Galaxy has always been that MLS changes the rules so LA can have whatever they want. It’s fun to see them under-performing so spectacularly; although, we’re not exactly over-performing.

Which leads me to the topic of coaching. I love what strong coaching can do for a team and what poor coaching can do (e.g. LA Galaxy, Atlanta, San Jose). It makes me wonder how much stronger this league could be if teams didn’t scrimp on coaches. Drop some big bucks, bring in more heavy hitters (e.g. Bob Bradley, Tata Martino) that can push rosters to outperform expectations.

I don’t think Freddy Juarez is a poor coach. He’s a young coach who needs time to develop at this level (e.g. Jim Curtin). He’s shown some very bright pieces. He knows how to adapt and motivate this team at halftime. The difference between tonight’s first and second halves was quite telling. I’m interested in where his development leads, especially if he can be given outstanding pieces to work with on the field and on his staff.

Rusnák needs to step up his assists and non-PK goals if this team is going to do well.

Please be courteous and wear your masks.


Fielding a full contingent of eleven players seems to help. Let’s do it again sometime.

I’m firmly in the “Chicharito is overrated” camp, and I always have been.

The ball bouncing in empty space over and over again behind the opponent’s defensive line is annoying.