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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs Minnesota

We should try scoring more

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

A clean sheet is nice. Andrew Putna was playing keeper tonight like Ron Weasley when he thought he was full of liquid luck. It’s really great to see some saves. I’ve missed those.

Here’s the standard line that goes with this scoreline in this situation: it’s a point on the road; we’ll take it.

But we should have done better. We had some great chances for skill and creativity that we squandered. Granted, so did Minnesota. I think the scoreline really reflects the game that was played.

Something needs to be done in our midfield. Something creative and interesting. Our midfield play just isn’t what it should be. It feels like Rusnák isn’t where he should be when he should be there; and where has his crisp passing gone?

Our best chances tonight came from wide play, but instead of smacking a ball through the penalty area, we find a way to recycle it back out. I feel like we’ve become very dangerous on set pieces. We’ll earn more set pieces by forcing the defense to react to the ball in front of the goal.

We’re still in it, but so is everyone in the Western Conference. Where do our goals come from? Not Sam Johnson. Not Douglas Martínez if he can’t finish those tap-ins. Kreilach is a midfielder, but he’s also our best goal-scorer this season.


Did everyone see? We actually had three designated players on the field at once!

I have no idea where this team goes from here. Up? Down? Sideways? All of the above?

I hope Baird doesn’t get stuck in the airport like Tom Hanks in that one movie I didn’t watch because a movie about a dude stuck living in the airport seems pretty dumb to me but I could be wrong.