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Community Player Ratings Vote - Minnesota United vs Real Salt Lake

Who is your player of the match vs the Loons?

Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Well it wasn’t quite the payback that we had hoped for, but at least it wasn’t a loss. Minnesota United certainly played like this was a must-win game, which given their recent record wasn’t far from the mark. Real Salt Lake had their chances, but couldn’t put it away this time around (or is it again... sometimes which team we are is confusing). At least coach Freddy Juarez actually used all 5 of his subs! Now if he only used them early enough that they could actually make a difference, but hey I guess we’ll take what we can get! A point on the road is better than a loss, and on the bright side RSL has only lost once on the road this year!

You also have the option to rate Freddy Juarez on his tactical decisions, and the referee Drew Fischer on the fairness of his calls.

The results for this game will be published on Thursday.


And here’s the SURVEY.