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Player Ratings: RSL 3-1 Colorado Rapids

A last-minute goal and a Kreilach all-star showing lifted RSL over the Rapids

Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

David Ochoa - 7 — Ochoa made some spectacular saves throughout, and he somehow survived being dumped on his head. We’re all glad for that. A fine night for Ochoa from a shot-stopping perspective, but his passing success — just 42 percent — left a lot to be desired.

Aaron Herrera - 8 — It was a good performance from Herrera in a slightly unfamiliar position, and it was one he asked RSL interim head coach Pablo Mastroeni to move to — rather than playing as a winger. That request looks like it had an impact, and he still managed two key passes (one of which was an assist for Kreilach) on the night

Erik Holt - 6 — Holt patrolled the middle of the defense well enough, but he was anything but dominant in the air, winning just one of five aerial duels with which he was faced.

Justen Glad - 7 — A typically solid performance from Glad. No controversy here. He was defensively minded than he has been on the right, which contributed to a nice night for RSL.

Andrew Brody -6.5 — For his first start in two-and-a-half months, I’d say Brody did pretty well. He wasn’t a world-beater, but he was steady, and he looks a much better fit at wing back than any of the non-wing-back players we’ve been shoving into that position.

Everton Luiz - 7.5 — When the going got touch, Everton Luiz was there with a risky — but smart — tackle to clear things away. It was a vintage performance, and my favorite stat of the night is his three interceptions. Dreamy.

Pablo Ruiz - 7.5 — When Ruiz plays well, RSL tends to play well. There’s a pretty tight correlation there in my head. Anyway, Ruiz played well, and he played a bit more conservatively.

Maikel Chang - 6.5 — I’ll be honest here. I forgot about Chang, by and large. He was pretty quiet. But that said, I’ve taken a little look at his stat line, and I’ve got to say, it’s not bad at all. Two interceptions, four successful tackles, and no dispossessions? This might have been one of Chang’s more steady performances. I think he played his role pretty well.

Albert Rusnak - 6.5 — It was a workman-like performance from Rusnak without much in the way of the spectacular. He played the way the game went, and I won’t complain about that.

Damir Kreilach - 9 — One goal, two assists? This was everything Kreilach can offer you in the attack. He combined really well with Rubio Rubin, he was smart on the ball, and he looked the part once again. His last-minute flick-on header for the game-sealing goal was immense.

Rubio Rubin - 8 — This was not one of the easier matches Rubin will play, as he got very little time on the ball and was generally out of the mix. Despite that, he did extremely well to take his goal with confidence, and it’s clear why he won that starting spot earlier in the year. He’s very good.


Anderson Julio (76’) - 8 — There are two Anderson Julios, I suspect. One is the one who starts. He is rarely a game-changer, and he isn’t around too often. The other comes off the bench, runs at defenses, and can exploit tired legs. His goal was his third opportunity, and he kept good composure after a couple missed chances.

Nick Besler (88’) - N/A — Besler came on late and didn’t screw things up.

Ashtone Morgan (88’) - N/A — As above. Morgan came on late and didn’t screw things up.