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MLS complete their investigation into Andrew Putna and issue statement

MLS have completed their investigation into Putna for racist remarks

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Major League Soccer have released a statement in regards to the allegations of racist remarks from Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Andrew Putna.

The league concluded that Putna made derogatory remarks in regards to a teammate’s national origin at training. MLS is requiring that Putna undergo diversity and inclusion training before he can rejoin the team. Real Salt Lake have confirmed that Putna is not currently in market.

Putna’s future at RSL remains unclear. From the statement above, it seems that the league is considering his time away from the team during the investigation to be the sum of his punishment. In theory, he could play for RSL again once he completes the diversity and inclusion training, though it is unlikely. Since the league did not remove him from RSL via a wavier or termination of contract, he’s still considered an RSL player. Once the roster freeze concludes the day after the MLS Cup Final, Real Salt Lake will be able to sell him or even buy-out his contract.