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RSL vs Sporting KC

MLS: Playoffs- Semifinals-Real Salt Lake at Sporting KC Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

What a great playoff run. Remember that one time we barely crawled into the playoffs and did kinda well in 2009? RSL not playing at home until it’s over. What fight. Villainy. I love it.

Now we’re on to play a team that’s had our number for the past while, scoring twelve goals against us in three wins this season. We did the right thing to beat Seattle. We’ve had SKC’s number all year. It’s going to take some serious determination and planning to beat Portland in Portland, though.

This is our team. Through it all, they don’t stop fighting. RSL always does better as underdogs, and here we are.

And Bobby Wood putting that one away? Awesome. Julio changed everything. Not only that, but it was a fun performance to watch.

I also have to think that Mastroeni has cemented his job after these last two, but, of course, what do I know?

Portland’s Pee Pee (that’s what Providence Park is known as, right?) is 45 minutes away from me, so I’m off to try to secure my tickets!

We make good villains. I love it.


I have one of those moronic cats who likes to cuddle feet when you walk around. He entangled himself after Wood’s goal and got kicked around a bit, tactically putting himself where each of my running feet were heading. We’re going to have a heart-to-heart pet’n’purr session.

Now that we’ve done it to SKC in a bit of revenge for 2013, let’s do this again.