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Player Ratings: RSL 1-3 Portland

One of RSL’s worst games could not have come at a worse time.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

David Ochoa - 4.5 Ochoa was shaky at times and frustrated for much of the game.

Aaron Herrera - 4 Herrera had some good defensive play but ultimately had an own goal that was really costly.

Erik Holt - 4.5 The disorganization from Holt was horrendous on the third Timbers goal. Otherwise, he distributed the ball well.

Justen Glad - 5 Glad had some impressive recovery runs, but was part of the mess that was RSL’s defense.

Andrew Brody - 3.5 Brody left his man unmarked on the first Portland goal and had a pretty disappointing game. He was subbed off at the half.

Pablo Ruiz - 5 Ruiz was pretty good with the close range passes and pretty poor with the longer ones.

Everton Luiz - 4 Everton’s touch was heavy and his passing was off. Not a lot of good coming out of him against Portland.

Maikel Chang- 3.5 Chang left Blanco completely wide open on a corner and Blanco took full advantage to put Portland up early. His passes in the box were off the mark and desperate.

Albert Rusnak - 6 Rusnak was one of the few highlights for RSL. He had good looks at the goal and ultimately scored a consolation penalty toward the end of the game.

Damir Kreilach - 4.5 You know things are bad when Damir has an off game. His shots were all mishits.

Rubio Rubin - 5 Rubin got into great spots on the field but was unable to capitalize on the chances he had.


Justin Meram - 5 Meram had a decent amount of time on the ball but was slow to make the pass.

Bobby Wood - 5.5 Wood gave RSL a new look and did as much as anyone to try to give RSL some sort of positive injection.

Jonathan Menendez - N/A

Anderson Julio -N/A